5 Principles of Minimalist Design

To continue along the lines of my previous post on why simplicity makes better design, I thought I'd layout a few of my own principles on creating a simple and minimalist piece.   More

Logo Design Doesn't Matter

Out of all the work in my portfolio, I receive the most comments and questions about my identity design. I consider it to be my specialty, but not because I'm great at designing them -- but rather that I understand how they work as a whole. While it's not entirely true that logo design doesn't matter, it is true that the promotion and integration are much more important.   More

Designers are Lazy

While watching Mad Men last night, I realized that to non-creatives and analytical thinkers, we creative folk may look like lazy asses who work just a few hours a day. For most of us, this couldn't be more from the truth.   More

We're Getting Dumber

Flipping through some National Geographic’s from the 60s, 70s, and 80s that I recently acquired, I came across several wonderful ads. Picking up a Men's Health magazine from present time ...   More

Don't Be an Artist

Design superstar Paul Rand said in an interview, "You don't say I'm going to do art, you just say I'm going to do whatever you're gonna do, but you never call it art. Art is just if you're lucky."   More

10 Ways For Young Designers to Improve and Prepare Without Internship or Job Experience

Many young designers complain that they'd be much better and feel more prepared if they had some experience, but have trouble getting any work or an internship to help build their portfolio and resume. I know from my own experience that an internship or agency experience isn't necessary. With enough self-motivation anyone can build a high quality, professional portfolio and at the very least add freelance for some job experience to their resume. Below are a few tips to make this happen, all of which I've personally used.   More